Wittex Chi-stick©
In our alternative medicine area, we offer you our new developed instruments for select and apply acupuncture points.
This development is based on an ancient Japanese method called Shônishin which the first non-needle acupuncture specialized for infant. With our Chi Stick© acupressure sticks, which only stimulates acupuncture points instead pierces, would not damage skin surface.
Using Our Chi Stick© Diagnose and treatment are based on acupuncture or Shiatsu methods.  You can only replace needles and finger pressure with our Chi Stick©.
We placed three categories: Diagnose-, Therapy-Chi-Stick© and Special-Therapy Chi-Stick©, which can be used for ear acupuncture and body acupuncture.
Chi Stick© are ideal for sensitive patients, children, and handicapped patients also people who need medical attention. Other benefit areas are immune suppression patients and chronic pained patients. With Chi-Stick© those patients can have benefit from those Chinese medicine without having pain or risks.
Instruments are made of high quality medical alloy to provide positive effect on skin and acupuncture points. 
Chi Stick© also can be used in veterinary area.
Chi Stick© are sterilizeable in any kinds of methods.
Also you can find Chi Stick© video and descriptions at:
Wittex acupressure sticks (Chi-stick©) are tested at in the neurological department of the german KWA Hospital on patients.
More information for the KWA Hospital Stift Rottal  Information also available at our info page  link side. 
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