As far back as 5000 years ago, the Chinese used acupuncture, and acupressure was even older, used in Japan as Shiatsu and Toyohari and for children as Shonishin. The World Health Organization WHO has published an indication list that points out the applicability of acupuncture in many diseases.

Rarely, but nevertheless the classical acupuncture holds dangers, it can come to the transmission of pathogens such as HIV or hepatitis, or to the formation of hematomas at the injection site. Serious injuries such as chest trauma (pneumothorax) or ventricles (cerebral cavities) and joint capsule injuries are also described in the literature.

the Wittex Chi Stick © acupressure pencil
In our naturopathy area, we offer you an own development of instruments that have been selected for use on acupuncture points.
The basis is based on a further development of a century-old method from Japan, the Shônishin one of the first non-skin-harming acupuncture methods especially for children.

The treatment with our acupressure sticks, Chi-Stick © is a method in which no injury to the skin tissue takes place, but only a non-invasive irritation of the surface-reaching vascular nerve bundle at an acupuncture point.
Diagnosis and treatment are essentially based on the well-known acupuncture, auriculomedicine or Shiatsu methods, except that our Chi-Stick © instruments are used here.

chi-stick © variations
We distinguish between the diagnosis / therapy Chi-Stick © and the special therapy Chi-Stick ©, as well as between body and Aurikolo instruments.

Not only in sensitive patients, children, or disabled patients, this treatment is indicated, it can also bring points the increased risk of injury by acupuncture needles with it, very well capture and treat (eg LG 16 cave ventricle IV).
Both in geriatrics, as well as in paediatrics, in patients at risk of injury, markumarisierten, or imunsupprimierten this method is a very good way to be able to use the Chinese healing art, however, without any risk. Meridian blockage elimination and the treatment of chronic pain patients are particularly important here.

The use of medical alloy of the steel of the instruments and the basic metal construction also give the possibility to include further energetic aspects.

All instruments are stainless and can be sterilized by all common methods (chemical and thermodynamic).

general information about our Chi-Sticks

Wittex acupuncture sticks (Chi-Stick) are currently being tested in the neurological department of the KWA Klinik Stift Rottal on patients with very good results. Further information about the KWA Clinic Stift Rottal can be found at

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