• The standardization of tools according to the ISO 6360 standard:
  • The International Standardization Organization (ISO) has introduced a number of conventions regarding the designation of rotating dental tools.
Here are the main agreements:
  • Each tool is marked with an internationally unique ISO number code.
  • This number code consists of 15 digits in 3 groups and at the same time contains the description of the tool properties
  • ISO No.: 806 314 112 524 016
  • A B C D E F
A: material of the working part, e.g. 806 (galvanic diamonds)
B, C: shaft and overall length, e.g. 314 for FGs
D: shape and design e.g. 112 for form of the FG
E: grain, e.g. 524 for the grain
F: Nominal size, maximum diameter of the working part in 0.1 mm

It should not be skipped more than one color!
e.g. 1 to 3 is possible, 1 to 5 is not recommended because too much material or time

  • Excellent quality
  • Made in Germany    
  • Production according to EN ISO 9001, EN 46001 standard, your safety for highest quality    
  • Color coded for optimal efficiency    
For best and fastest results, the instruments should be used in the order of color coding: dark to light or 1 to 5.
The color ring on the instrument and the color of the packaging comply with the ISO code.